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19:44 Tue 29th Jan 2013

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Meta Wednesday, Week 5

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Finally, we’ll be reading Journey Into Mystery. Picking up where the Thor numeration left off, we’ll be reading Journey Into Mystery 622-4. You can find them in the Journey Into Mystery, vol. 1: Fear Itself trade paperback, or here at the Marvel Digital Comics store.

Go nuts, folks.

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22:38 Mon 21st Jan 2013


Meta Wednesday, Week 4


How will Earth handle the coming battle with Galactus? Why is Odin being so weird? Will we get to see space vikings? And what’s Thor got sparkling between his legs? These meta topics and more in this week’s finale to the Galactus Seed arc, TMT 4-6. They can be found in The Mighty Thor volume 1, by Matt Fraction, or here at the Marvel Digital Comics store.

(After this, we’ll be moving on to JIM proper. Rejoice!)

Until next time, meta-fellows!

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14:46 Sun 20th Jan 2013

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Please consider this a public announcement.

Dear Anon,

We respect your opinion, but this is not the place to come about these matters. People can write what they want and have the opinions they want. And while two of our admins are fervent meta producers, we keep this blog neutral, merely collecting what has been written. 

If you disagree with some of the meta, please approach the person you disagree with. Anon questions have been the starting point of a lot of good meta, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that, overall, questions on how we think about certain things are greatly appreciated. They force us to take a closer look at things, either changing or strengthening our views with new argumentations. 

But please understand that we, as meta writers, can’t do anything with this kind of statement that’s presented without any argumentation. If you disagree with the current meta, you are more than welcome to write down your own theories and ideas. No, more. We encourage it! This fandom is kind, intelligent, and thoughtful. We love discussing things from different points of view, and even when people utterly disagree on something, they stay polite and totally respectful. If you’ve written something and want us to read it, it’s easiest to tag it “jim meta”, but we also have a submission box. We hope you will express your thoughts so that a proper discussion can follow!

We will not be responding to this kind of message. This blog is neutral and everybody can think and write what they want. We merely collect the meta. If you disagree with something, please contact the OP, who will have the right to do whatever they want with that message. Or, even better, write your own meta post explaining how you think about things. 

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16:59 Thu 17th Jan 2013

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Thor and Sif in TMT 1-3



Okay, let’s talk about Sif. Yes I attended an all-women’s college and yes I will talk about objectifying females and why I don’t think Thor is being a complete douchebag to Sif. Because he is finally, FINALLY, letting her play a role in his life again. […]

We all know I am not at all fond of Sif, but at least recently her relationship with Thor is becoming less “THE ONLY THING THAT DEFINES HER IS THOR’S HOT CHICK WITH SWORD” and more possible interesting commentary on her.

Thor doesn’t treat her well in the sense that he’s not generally emotionally available for her, seems to forget about her once she’s out of his direct line of sight, doesn’t treat her very romantically, and centers most of his emotional needs around Loki.

Sif doesn’t suffer fools very well, nor does she put up with shit from people who piss her off. What if she’s getting exactly what she wants from her relationship with Thor because he’s not really present there all of the time? There’s a freedom in everyone knowing you are involved with Thor because it means you don’t need to be looking for someone else and is left to pursue her own interests and do her own thing. And on top of that she does get some hot booty call action from Thor.

The idea of Sif as an aromantic who is perfectly fine with Thor being emotionally unavailable because it means she doesn’t have to be is actually pretty appealing to me. 

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00:48 Thu 17th Jan 2013

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Thor and Sif in TMT 1-3


Okay, let’s talk about Sif. Yes I attended an all-women’s college and yes I will talk about objectifying females and why I don’t think Thor is being a complete douchebag to Sif. Because he is finally, FINALLY, letting her play a role in his life again.

First of all, out of everyone, Sif is the one who goes with Thor to the World Tree’s roots. I don’t know the circumstances, but I like to think he chose her. Because he trusts her at his side and knows her well enough that if shit goes down (which they had no reason to think would, I mean, it’s a fucking tree, who knew it would have Giant Scary Light-Worms?) she would have his back like no one else could. Considering he had so powerfully blown her off recently


it’s good to see them on good terms again. Thanks for knocking some sense into him, Don.

But now, we see her in Thor’s life and playing a role again. But he’s not just trusting her to fight beside him, he’s also trusting her with Loki. The very person he was so worried about before that he ditched Sif on a horse to make a brooding exit. The very Sif who told him specifically not to bring Loki back. Who said it was a bad idea. And yet:


A big responsibility when you really don’t like the guy, and have every reason not to.

Thor still makes a brooding exit


and he’s still not exactly treating her well, but he has PAIN as an excuse, so it’s totally okay right? Even after Sif goes with him and Loki on the journey to the World Tree roots, the first conversation we see her having with him is, “You didn’t feast and you aren’t fucking me. Are you okay?” So, I’m having a hard time telling if he’s actually mistreating or objectifying her, or if they just assume many roles with each other. After a millennia of living and loving together, is Sif just concerned about him? She asks, “Do I no longer cause you to stir?” knowing almost immediately that’s not what’s going on. She doesn’t actually seem worried that this is the case. Just sort of… rambling, I guess. Letting him know that he’s not acting like himself and is ignoring her again in that twisted Asgardian speech. Her way of letting him know she’s worried.

And then we see them again, training the Brigade of Realms together. (Who are they and why are they needed? I really don’t know. Why are Asgard’s best training them to fight? Also don’t know. Possibly because Tyr isn’t around. But okay.) We have another moment of Sif actually seeming to care for Loki.


I think that Sif sees that Thor is hurt and distracted, and can’t honestly see a kid get hurt, even if that kid is also Loki. (She saves children in Immonen’s run on Journey Into Mystery too, so I like to think Sif has a soft spot for kids — that is, unless she happens to be literally going berserk.)

And I guess that’s enough to make Thor realize that he’s letting his distraction get the better of him and it’s time to stop being a dick to the people he loves.


I think this is his way of saying, “No, I’m fine and I’m sorry I wasn’t giving you the attention I needed to.” Add onto it this


and realize he’s trying to make it up to her.

On top of that, he trusts her to keep his secret that the great warrior, prince-and-one-time-king of Asgard is actually suffering from a strange and painful wound and could very well be dying. Which is the last thing Asgard needs to hear, considering all the bullshit it’s been going through.

And despite all Loki does to Sif (which I’ll have to wait to address), she still doesn’t kill him, and doesn’t hold bringing Loki back against Thor. She understands he did what he had to, and accepts Thor’s need for Loki. No matter how she threatens him, she still will not kill him. She and Thor have come to an understanding on this subject.


But okay, let me say this. I’m not saying it’s okay to objectify your women, treat them like they’re only good for “warming.” Thor is making up for being rude to Sif by being with her, in this case in rather suggestive ways. (Yeah okay I think he’s fucking her to make up for it.) But they have a long and complicated relationship, and I think that right now, he needs to let her know that she is still important to him. He does that not only by showing her his affections physically, but also by having her fight by his side and trusting her with things he wouldn’t tell or hand over to anyone else. She needs and accepts this.

My first reaction to this book was to be appalled by how Thor was treating Sif, but her very presence at Thor’s side as a fighter, lover, and confidante every step of the way suggests more than mere objectification, and I’m comfortable with it now.

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23:16 Wed 16th Jan 2013

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What I want to look at for this week is kid Loki. I… don’t think anyone’s surprised by that. Ha. Now, looking at character development there are some complication because we aren’t dealing with just one writer. But I’m deciding to just cast that aside for now, since this is pre-JiM. Later on it’ll be interesting to compare his characterisation and portrayal in TMT and JiM. Alright, to business!

Kid Loki is not yet who he is in JiM. The biggest difference? There is no Ikol. Kid Loki already knows that his old self wasn’t any good, but his attitude is not the same. 


In JiM he sort of re-appropriates the name for himself, but never in earnest, because being Loki is not a good thing. He uses it to (attempt to) fool people like the Serpent’s Tongue and Mephisto. Here, to me at least, it feels like he is using his identity as Loki as a positive tool. To urge himself on and motivate himself. Being Loki is not necessarily a totally bad thing to him yet. Later, with Ikol being a constant reminder of how terrible Loki can be, when he’s being told how he should act and what he really is inside, this changes. 

His relationship with Thor is different too. Sif hits the nail on the head when it comes to what Loki is about at this point.


Loki hero-worships Thor. He wants to impress him, make him proud. And, kid Loki style, gets himself into massive trouble doing so. Repeatedly.


But he does something he could never put himself to doing in JiM, not until the very end. He asks Thor for protection and support.


(Excuse me while I tear up.)

He still looks at Thor as someone who will offer him that. What changed, apart from Ikol’s appearance? What made him go from a boy who argues with dwarves, begging them to help him save his brother,


dressing up in armour to joins said brother in battle (and getting into massive trouble again),


to someone who runs away from him?

Well, it all has to do with what he believes he is doing/has to do. Right now it’s as straightforward as this.


He is trying to save and impress Thor, so he imitates his behaviour, because Thor is a hero. He puts on an armour and joins him in secret. But at the start of JiM, this all changes. Kid Loki realises he has do to something different. In order for him to do what Thor would do… he has to make sure Thor dies. It’s not fun and games anymore. He has to do something only Loki would do, and he has to do it in order to do what Thor would do. So he does it, in a completely Lokean way. And get himself into massive trouble for it.

(This in no way covers everything, but I’ll stop now before I get too far ahead of myself and our schedule.)

Kid Loki will never not be interesting. Don’t worry, we’re not sick of him yet!

I really feel like a lot of this arc is Kid Loki figuring out who he is. It may not be quite right to say Ikol isn’t around yet, because do we really actually know when he shows up? We know there are legitimate reasons we might not see him. However, assuming he ISN’T here and hasn’t taken form in Loki’s mind yet, I think it’s interesting to note that no Ikol + no need to do things the Lokean way, as he does in Fear Itself. He is desperately trying to be his own person, to be the hero like Thor. Thus the diving into World Tree light stuff and joining the Worst Army of the Nine Realms. He is a child, trying to figure out what works for him. He is terrified to do things as Loki would; he has to convince himself to try to cut Sif’s hair, a mythological (and AU comicverse, did it happen outside of that one Loki volume?) canon Loki action. But he knows what he has to do, and sometimes it means being Loki to do it. (Thor takes a direct approach while Loki finds ways around. They do work well together… Ahh dualism getting the better of me again.)

It isn’t until Loki really starts accepting that he needs to be Loki, when he has to acknowledge that part of him in order to get things done — the Old Loki could help Thor in ways Kid Loki had yet to understand — that Ikol appears. To warn him. To make sure he kept his actions Loki and his motives good (a large part of this re-reading will be an investigation into Loki’s actual motives, but for now, I want to go with good motivations, not bad). Not sure how that jives with what we know of Ikol and his role from 645, but eh.

You can also take this from a symbolic point of view. I might be remembering wrong, but Kid Loki just looks really young in this volume. Yes, there are different artists throughout, but this Loki is super young. And he doesn’t look this young again, ever. It’s like he is at his youngest here, in this volume, trying to grow up and figure out his place in Asgard. Trying out new things, figuring out what works for him.

We’ll see more of this next week, so I don’t want to get too heavily into it (or spoil it, for those who haven’t read the Thor stuff before). But I think this arc really sets the tone for Loki in JIM, as he figures out that what he needs to do never really looks as pretty as when Thor does what he needs to do.

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16:38 Wed 16th Jan 2013

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Real meta to come, but first.

Can we take a moment to look at this?


I mean



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13:43 Tue 15th Jan 2013

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Meta Wednesday, Week 3

Greetings, meta-fellows, and welcome to Week 3 of the Big Bad JIM Meta Project. (Better name forthcoming, considering options with a good acronym.)

This week we’ll be reading the Mighty Thor 1-3 by Matt Fraction with Oliver Coipel on art duty. They can be found in the Mighty Thor vol. 1 (which collects the whole Galactus Seed arc, TMT 1-6) or here at the Marvel Digital Comics site (that’s a link to the whole volume as well, but you can download them individually if you want). We’ll be reading 4-6 next week, so you might as well get 1-6 since it’s cheaper that way.

You lovely admins would also like to note that if you write some meta, especially through a reblog, and you don’t see it here, let us know! (One of the many reasons we have an Ask box!) We’re trying to keep up but it is quite the challenge to dig through the reblogs.

Good luck, and we’ll see you on the flip side! (That’s what all the kids are saying now, right?)

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00:04 Mon 14th Jan 2013

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Meta Wednesday: littlelostsock: survivingrealitywithoutnormality: Serrure, Serrure,…



Serrure, Serrure, Serrure, how does one solve a problem like Serrure.

So we find Serrure in Paris. […]

zomg I wrote my first meta about the post-Ragnarok transformations of the Asgardians vs. Loki’s returns! I HAVE COME FULL…

You know it could be an excelent idea for an AU: a wrold where Serrure, aware that he’d probably become the Loki of his dreams, decides to not be Loki at all. It could be an interesting run because after Thor found him Serrure could find himself even in a dangerous situation. You can only imagine all the forces trying to bring him back for dissimilar, obscure or evil purposes and… and I’ll stop here I think…

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01:31 Fri 11th Jan 2013

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A Starry Dynamo: journey-into-mystery: latitans: journey-into-mystery: In Journey into…





In Journey into Mystery, the keyword (even for Sif right now, even if not explicitly) is change. In Siege: Loki, the keyword isn’t change: it’s freedom. Or at least Loki’s idea of freedom. However, Old Loki…

*nods nods* All of that is true. And now that I think about it, his new status quo didn’t exactly leave him with a lot of freedom! There are two possible outcomes: 1) He follows Kid Loki’s path and point of view (whether it’s an actual change of sorts or just acting the… well, the role), which maybe doesn’t leave him a way to do what he wants, Thor. 2) He screws everything the boy worked for in order to troll, which makes Asgardians revert to their old “fuck this shit, he was playing us all along! …again!” POV and he’s back to considered Evil McEvilpants. Neither of them lets him do whatever the shit his little bitter heart desires. Damned if you do, etc. His goal in Siege (absolute freedom) just isn’t possible to reach and it’s his own fault. He lost. Even Kid Loki saw it -although less ramified, maybe? IDEK- before he could notice.

I totally agree with you, people, but when we talk about freedom here, there’s the important question freedom from what? If you ask me I’d say here’s where he finally get not only his, but everyone’s way out of the neverending asgardian cycle.  Should we believe Thor in TMT#22? (the “let the cycle be shattered so that Asgard/ia may find its own way” thingy) Let me at least do it, because it means they’re all free to do what they want. And what Loki does with his new freedom? He gets the hell out of Asgard/ia (that’s something I’d like to have explained in Young Avengers, if he’s actually out of there or not) If that’s not real freedom…

Plus at the end of JiM#645 he also regains something extremely important in a Loki: his UNPREDICTABILITY. He now can really do what he wants. And what does Loki wants? 


Isn’t that exciting?


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